I'm all set up in my home for portrait photography.  An old-time photographer told me that in true "portrait" photography, the subjects do not smile.  If they smile, it is a photograph, not a portrait.  WHATEVER!  I like my subjects to smile, and I call it family portrait photography.


The reason I invested in the studio lighting was not to make the big bucks, but to have fun with people.  I have the lighting and the different backgrounds for wonderful picutures of you and your family.  Give me a try.


As you can see, I encourgage people to bring their pets.  People are more relaxed with their pets around them.


Come to my studio, or I will come to your home for family get-togethers.  I will also go to a park or woods for nature shots.


Give me a call at 319-217-0526 for an appointment.