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Buddy, Curt and Ginnie, from left to right, in case you didn't know :-)


What Readers Say About Protected



Ginnie Harvey Swarm (Curt's wife, helpmeet, and tireless “editor”)...


The stories in “Protected” are amazing, all the more so because they are true. Each chapter could stand alone as a separate story. They are rich, colorful stories that draw you in.

The compilation of events are loosely tied together, but in somewhat of a chronological order. Curt writes in a comfortable prose—not folksy—but familiar. He does not shy away from expletives or off-color vernacular. He has a good ear for how people speak.

Although these are stories about one person, they have universal themes of discovery, struggle, good versus evil, and Baptism by Fire. They are unique stories and very personal. Although Curt confesses to having a “huge ego,” he is witness to humbling events both spiritual and self-inflicted. For all Curt goes through, God never gives up.

This is appealing on many levels. It is fascinating story telling at its best, and a deeply personal view of what God, whose existence we sometimes doubt, can do in all of our lives. It is not preachy or didactic. It is a witness, a testimony, to the awesome power of God to help us through all phases of our life, even when we are hardly aware of it, or refuse to acknowledge His existence.



Bob Mendenhall, retired journalist, “Protected” and blessed...


When reading Curt Swarm”s book “Protected,” his message spoke loud and clear. I realized something that I always felt...that I, too, am protected. Memories of “happenings” started coming back. There were the “biggies,” like near death experiences. Example: split seconds and inches from being crushed between two wagon loads of hay, or making a forced landing in Munich when our plane lost an engine. I classify such events as miracles.

And then there are other happenings—having a flat tire in a violent thunder storm on I-80, only to have a total stranger stop and change it. I didn't know how. The “stranger” did not speak English, and would not accept pay. And then he was gone. I am certain that this “stranger” was an Angel sent by God to “Protect” me.

Most importantly of all are the countless everyday events that we all experience that “Protect” us. Example: taking a second look before driving out in front of a semi.

After reading “Protected” so many memories came flooding back, especially the “little” everyday happenings. I never realized that we all are “Protected” by God and His Angels.

Curt's book has made a difference in my way of thinking, the difference being that I am more aware of the way we are “Protected.” Everyday! “Protected” is an easy, quick read. Read it, and remember to count your blessings.



Sal Alaniz, Business Owner, Print Group USA


The miracle of "Protected" is that this story--Curt's story, is a gift to be shared with you.  Yes, you!  This book shares with you the reader, personal stories of our human condition and of divine intervention.  Each of us is "Protected."  Why?  The answer to this question is shared on each page and within each chapeter of this book.  Will your answer to this question be the same as mine?  Curt's?  Perhaps, we begin our reflection on why this book, these words are being read by you right now.



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